Witamy na forum, jeśli czytasz tą wiadomość, to prawdopodobnie jesteś niezarejestrowany, lub niezalogowany. Zachęcamy do rejestracji i zapoznania się z naszą polityką prywatności.

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How to properly make a New Thread


Welcome on guild forum, here you can find some usefully advices, and short tutorial.

To begin, view our web page via this link:

Now you can easily register new account on our web, whereas:
Login means- In Game Name (IGN)
Hasło means- password
Potwierdź hasło means - confirm password
E-mail means- e-mail
Potwierdź e-mail means - confirm email

Re-writing code from the picture is needful to complete registration.

Check your e-mail and confirm registration.
Caution! From time to time our e-mail goes directly to the spam-box!

We are ready for Friendly Gw, or other event.

What is friendly GW?

During this GW you can not:
-use flying objects (broom, wings, etc)
-run outside the Saint Morning (the war ground is limited by stone fence)
-kill the leader of the 2nd guild
-kill players near re-spawn
-re-spawn yourself
-resurrect other players
-use scroll of resurrection or other scrolls which allow you to re-spawn.

During this GW you can:
-use food
-jump and hide on the houses in Saint Mornig
-use all skills

How it looks like:
Both guilds are preparing to the battle on their own spots (you can select the place: near NPC, barrel, fence or anywhere)
War begins when both guilds are "ready" and when their leaders start duel. Leaders are obligated to use flying object like: broom, wings etc
If anyone dies he/she must lay on the ground. We are fighting to the "last alive" guild. After the battle, guild leaders proclaim peace.
There is optional winning prize: small amount of penya.

Feel free to propose brand new event.
We rely on your imagination (like defending/attacking the spot)

Now you can easily make a new thread.

In the title write your IGN, and guild name.
Example: CiaPL (eternity)

Your thread must involve following informations:
-Your time zone.
-When do you want to make a Friendly GW, or other event.
-Amount of players who will participate Friendly GW, or other event.
-Levels of participating players.

Short example:
Hello, we wanna make a Friendly GW with you, our time zone is UTC +01:00. Our team will include around 10-14 players. Their levels: around 80-110 + 3x Heroes on 120-150lv. How about nearest Thursday around 18:00?

That is all!


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